Bottom Buster RAM® Mount System Only


Protected by a 1 Year Warranty!

This unique mounting system allows for omnidirectional mounting capabilities and can be mounted just about anywhere you choose. Scroll down to read more on this system below!


The Mounting System

The Bottom Buster RAM® Mount System is unlike any other! Our goal was to create a single mounting system that was omni-directionally adjustable and could be easily mounted to multiple places on a boat while remaining out of the way. This ruled out bulky metal brackets and rigid sleeves that bolt directly into your transom, and left us scratching our heads for a while. Eventually the light bulb went off and we came up with the perfect solution!

We have partnered with RAM® Mount to create a mounting system consisting of specialized pieces that allow for the simple mounting configurations and omnidirectional adjustment capabilities that we wanted in our design. The Bottom Buster mounting system consists of three simple pieces and a tightening wrench:


Reinforced Rubber Ball


The compact size of the rubber ball allows it to be mounted almost anywhere on your boat. The other components simply clamp to this ball and can be removed when not in use.


Heavy Duty Clamp Arm


The clamp arm simply clamps down on the ball (above) and to the sleeve (below) which the pole slides through. Because of its unique design, it can be adjusted to any position desired.


Anodized Aluminum Sleeve


Each sleeve is custom machined and anodized in a corrosion resistant black coating. A ball joint comes attached to the sleeve, allowing the clamp arm to hold it in its desired position.


Tightening Wrench


Once the mounting system is tightened to its desired position, slip this wrench over the handle on the clamp arm and lock it down and the mounting system is ready to go.

Mounting Configurations