Bottom Buster Shallow Water Anchor System


Protected by a 1 Year Warranty!

NEW PRICING! – The Bottom Buster Shallow Water Anchor System is the most innovative, unique, and user-friendly system out there.  Scroll down and read about what makes the Bottom Buster unlike any other manual shallow water anchor on the market!



Bottom Buster Header

The Bottom Buster is now available in 8ft, 10ft, & 12ft lengths and is constructed around a special grade of 7/8″ diameter (1″ diameter at the joint) black fiberglass rod; (Isopthalic Polyester Resin and E-glass to be precise), made 100% in the USA.  Each one of these anchor poles is carefully machined and hand crafted by us, and each one is thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship.  The Bottom Buster excels at anchoring anything from bass boats to shallow water ocean fishing boats to kayaks & canoes and more, it will get the job done!


Honeycomb Style Rubber Grip

Bottom Buster anchor rubber grip


The honeycomb style rubber grip allows for easy deployment and retrieval of the anchor pole, and also acts as a safety stop to protect the pole from sliding out of the sleeve.




Stainless Steel Joint

Bottom Buster anchor stainless steel joints

Holding each pole together is a joint which we machine from a very corrosion resistant stainless steel alloy.  The joint allows for quick dis-assembly of the pole into shorter segments when not in use and being stored away.

Stainless Steel Tip

Bottom Buster anchor stainless steel tip


The business end of each pole features a corrosion resistant stainless steel blunt tip.  The tip allows for easy bottom penetration and protects the end of the pole from splintering. 




The Mounting System

The Bottom Buster RAM® Mount System is unlike any other!  Our goal was to create a single mounting system that was omni-directionally adjustable and could be easily mounted to multiple places on a boat while remaining out of the way. This ruled out bulky metal brackets and rigid sleeves that bolt directly into your transom, and left us scratching our heads for a while.  Eventually the light bulb went off and we came up with the perfect solution!

We have partnered with RAM® Mount to create a mounting system consisting of specialized pieces that allow for the simple mounting configurations and omnidirectional adjustment capabilities that we wanted in our design. The Bottom Buster mounting system consists of three simple pieces and a tightening wrench:


Reinforced Rubber Ball


The compact size of the rubber ball allows it to be mounted almost anywhere on your boat.  The other components simply clamp to this ball and can be removed when not in use.


Heavy Duty Clamp Arm


The clamp arm simply clamps down on the ball (above) and to the sleeve (below) which the pole slides through.  Because of its unique design, it can be adjusted to any position desired.


Anodized Aluminum Sleeve


Each sleeve is custom machined and anodized in a corrosion resistant black coating. A ball joint comes attached to the sleeve, allowing the clamp arm to hold it in its desired position.


Tightening Wrench


Once the mounting system is tightened to its desired position, slip this wrench over the handle on the clamp arm and lock it down and the mounting system is ready to go.

Mounting Configurations


What comes with the Bottom Buster shallow water anchor system?
The system includes everything listed in the description above: Two piece anchor pole (you choose the length), reinforced rubber ball, anodized aluminum sleeve with ball attachment, heavy duty clamp arm, and the tightening wrench.

Do you offer different colors?
Currently we are only offering black

Where is the best place to anchor from?
If using one anchor pole, we recommend anchoring at the bow.  If using two, one at the bow and one at the transom works excellent.  The unique thing about our mounting system is that it can be mounted or transferred to any of these places easily.

Will the Bottom Buster work on Kayaks?
It will work excellent as a kayak anchor! Since it is a two piece anchor pole, it can also easily be stored inside the kayak when not in use, and the RAM Mount system would make it very convenient to use as a kayak anchor system

How tight do I need to tighten the clamp arm with the tightening wrench?
It is very important that you tighten the clamp arm correctly to avoid any play or rotation in the sleeve.  Using the tightening wrench, tighten the clamp arm as much as possible so the rubber balls are significantly deformed.  This deformation is what keeps the system rigid so the anchor pole will not move.  Don’t worry about damaging the rubber balls, they will slowly form back to their original shape after several minutes of being released from the clamp.

Will the Bottom Buster hold in rough water?
It sure will!  As the boat moves up and down in rough water the anchor pole stays put since it is designed to slide through the sleeve.

I already have a Power Pole, how can this help me?
Believe it or not we have a lot of interest from folks who have a Power Pole or Talon on the back of their boats.  Instead of shelling out the money for a second Power Pole, a Bottom Buster at the bow in addition to a Power Pole at the back make up a deadly double anchor system for when you need it!

Is there any assembly required?
Please refer to the 156 page manual that comes with the system – just KIDDING! The Bottom Buster system comes with all parts fully assembled, just mount the attachment ball to your boat and you’re ready to go!

Does the system come with hardware (Nuts, Bolts, etc) for mounting the attachment ball to your boat?
Since the mounting system is very universal and is not designed to attach to any one specific location on your boat, each mounting scenario will require different hardware.  For this reason mounting hardware is not included, but can easily be found at any local hardware store pretty cheap!

How difficult is installation?
Very easy actually.  Unlike many other shallow water anchor systems, you don’t need to bolt any big bulky metal brackets into your transom.  Installation will vary depending on where you choose to mount the attachment ball on your boat.  If you have any questions about how to go about mounting the attachment ball to a location on your boat please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Do you have any tips for mounting/installing the attachment ball?
If mounting through a surface (particularly fiberglass), we recommend using the largest washers you can get away with under the nuts on the back side to reduce stresses on the surface.  You may also want to apply a small bead of marine adhesive such as 3M 5200 on the back side of the attachment ball flange and around the bolt holes if the area will be consistently exposed to water.  If mounting into a solid metal surface such as the jack plate or the side of a trolling motor bracket, a drill and tap is the best option.  The rubber ball mounting flange is designed for a 5/16-18 or 5/16-24 thread. In all cases, we recommend using stainless steel bolts, nuts, and washers (to minimize rusting & corrosion) as well as using a low to medium strength thread locker such as Loctite on all threads/nuts to prevent loosening.

How is the Bottom Buster made?
We can’t give away all of our secrets, but we can tell you that each and every anchor pole and all the parts that make it up are carefully machined & hand crafted.

What makes the Bottom Buster Shallow Water Anchor System better than the others?
Rather than cutting a piece of fiberglass to 8ft and slapping a handle on it to try and make a quick buck, the Bottom Buster is much more than that.

-Very few shallow water anchors come in two pieces for easy storage, ours does!

-We offer 3 different lengths (8ft, 10ft, 12ft) to help choose the perfect anchor pole for your specific application

-The Bottom Buster features a stainless steel tip for better bottom penetration and to avoid splintering at the bottom of the pole

-Our mounting system is hands down the most universal out there.  No bulky metal brackets or choosing from several special mounts that are designed to go in one specific spot on your boat, the Bottom Buster can go anywhere you can mount the attachment ball, and even better – it is fully adjustable!

Must we go on?  None of the competition shares all of these features!